video conferencing solutions

In this time of COVID-19, many companies face difficulty to contact their employees. They cannot get quality work because face-to-face communication was not there. For this purpose, they use technology. They introduce the video conferencing solutions. It proves to be the better step because it increases the quality of work.

But for setting up this system, you need the data cabling. The best cables you install, the better communication you get. In the market, you come across different types of data cables. For the video conferencing solutions you have to select the better data cables.

What is data cabling?

Installing the cables for the data transmission from one place to another is known as data cabling. They are the main medium for transmitting data in the form of electrical signals. The signals are in the form of 0 and 1. For the best transmission of data, various types of cables are available in the market. Let us check that which type is best for the video conferencing solutions.

Different types of data cabling:

Data cabling is divided into main three types:

  • Twisted pair.
  • Fibre optics:

Twisted pair:

This data cabling consists of two copper wires. They are twisted to protect the data that is transmitting. One wire is the signal carrier, and the other one is the ground reference. The data transmission rate is not high as compared to other cables. If the casing of the wire is damaged, then it does not allow transmission of the data. For video conferencing solutions, it is not as good as others.

Coaxial cables:

The next type of data cabling is coaxial cables. They are faster than the twisted pairs. This wire has two parts. One is the internal core, and the other is the outer core. The outer conductor protects the internal copper wire so it can protect the data transmission.  Telephone companies and other television companies use this wire. The network companies who provide the internet connection through cables use this wire. So, for the video conferencing solutions you can use these cables.

Fibre optics:

This type is the fastest data cabling. In this data cable, the data transmitted at the speed of light. As we know, the light travel rate is high. So, in this cable, the data transmission rate is higher than the former two cables. For the best video conferencing solutions this cable is the best choice.

Final wordings:

Finally, video conferencing solutions are becoming popular at this time. So, the selection of the cables must be correct to get the best results of the video. If you have to use the data cables for video conferencing, fibre optic is the best choice.