import car from usa to australia

What does import a car means?

Most of the people does not know what the difference between import and export is. In business terms, we call import to the shipment of goods we are bringing into our country from another, like we book a car from Australia and receive at USA, that is called import.

Do not think export is second name for import because in export we send asset or product from our country to the other, just like if we send a car from USA to Australia, this means we export the car to Australia. So now the difference between export and import is cleared over here in this article and these examples will set the difference of both in your mind.

How much does it cost to import from Australia to USA?

Many people don’t import car as they think that it will have high duty on it for importing the car and the car duties will empty their pocket. Some people may know this but those who do not know can read it further that import duty for USA from Australia is zero. No such import duties have to be paid to import car from usa to australia because Australia and USA have a free trade agreement which allows importing and exporting goods and assets without any duty. So now you people know you can import cars from Australia to USA without any extra charges.

Is it safe to import car from Australia to USA?

In this era, living is a struggle because everyone need way to earn so they can fulfill their needs and wants and so, nobody wants their money to be damaged. In that case if people import anything they need surety of delivery the good or asset without any damage. If you import a car from Australia to USA, the car will be delivered in 20-50 days and with guarantee of not a single scratch. Your car will be exported from Australia by ship and will be placed in place specially made for car parking, it will be totally safe if you import a car from Australia to USA.

Does price effects because of the size of car?

 If you import a car from Australia to USA there will be no duty charges for the import, but you will have to pay the delivery charges at the port and the size of the car may fluctuate with the expense because if your car is big in size, it will cover more space while delivery and the extra place it covers will be the extra charges you’ll have to pay because in that extra space they could have delivered something else and get the delivery charges.

So, you would have to pay the charges according to the size and yes, size matters. For more information visit our website: