Curly hair looks great but they often turn out to be a huge challenge. The twists and curls whether heavy or light are not an easy thing to manage. The curly hair adds to your personality provided they are well managed and taken care of properly. From choosing the right shampoo to combing each strand everything is different from the hair that is straight. The curly hair can no doubt give an impressive appearance provided they are well maintained. The easy to follow tips in managing the curly hair are as follows:

  • Some curly hair is too delicate to handle. They have to get prepared for the shampooing through the pre-shampooing treatments. Shampooing the curly hair Northern Beaches can further entangle the strands, making it hard to brush or comb after taking the bath. Pre-shampooing treatment prevents the hair from getting further rough and hard to manage. The hair with heavy curls is very difficult to manage. The easiest way to handle the curly hair before shampooing is to use the conditioner. With the help of the finger tips massage the conditioner thoroughly through the hair making sure that all the curls are well detangled. For better results the hair experts recommend wearing a plastic cap or wrapping a towel around the head.
    Daily shampoo is never a solution to the problems of the curly hair. Shampooing won’t make them look straight or silky but instead it would actually harm the real lustre and look of the hair. The curls gradually become dry and fragile.
  • Not every normal shampoo is for the curly hair. To manage the curly hair there are specialized shampoos that are solely meant for the hair with curls and twists. Never choose a harsh shampoo. It is better to choose a shampoo after consulting your reliable hair stylist. It is better to choose a mild version of the shampoo that cannot damage the curls and retain the natural look of the hair.
  • While shampooing the hair don’t wash them as a whole. It is better to split them into sections for the tangle free washing. It is the way the hair stylist deal with the curly hair too. If you watch some professional doing this you would observe that they divide the hair into four equal sections. Instead of rigorous messaging just add shampoo or conditioner to each section and then gradually squeeze it down. The squeezing must begin close to the scalp to ensure complete and thorough cleaning.
  • Don’t forget to use conditioner after shampooing. Deep hair conditioners actually make a good choice for the curly hair. The job of the conditioner is to add moisture to the hair so that the locks look really perfect. There are a number of conditioning formulas available in the market. Choose the one that complements your shampoo and suits your hair type.
  • Avoid the hot hair tools like the straightening iron, dryers, etc. They make the work easier but actually they ruin the natural splendour of the curly hair ending up in ruining the curls and twists of the hair.