A lot of you may consider whiteboards as a board that is used just as a mode of communication to team members and nothing more. However, when it comes to get the right kind of whiteboard, it really is a task that has to be carefully thought over as they are all similar by looks but have different qualities. All we ever get to face is the end result, hence, the working behind purchasing one really needs to be considered carefully. Let’s find out what all need to be considered when purchasing a whiteboard for your use.

1. Surface

The number one thing that should highly be pondered over when finding a high quality whiteboard is the surface that is attached to it. Did you know there are various types of surfaces available when it comes to whiteboards? Some of the most common ones are magnetic, melamine dry wipe and enamel steel. Lets’ find out in detail what exactly makes them different from each other.

– Melamine dry wipe: they are such surfaces where one can easily and smoothly wipe off because of the clear base.

– Magnetic surface: it is that type of a surface which is similar to the one stated above however, it has an added feature of allowing one to place magnets on board in case one wants to display any memos or notices for the viewers.

– Enamel steel: it is considered to be one of the best kinds of white boards that have the ability to provide with a strong and extra smooth surface to wipe off the content on the board, have the magnetic element to it to attach any notices or memos and also comes with a fine quality by offering a guarantee for over 25 years. Link here https://www.lawdex.com.au/white-boards/products.aspx offer a good whiteboards that perfect to your memos and notices.

2. Frame

Even though the quality of the frame of white board is not really an important area to focus upon, it is still a part of the whiteboard that one should check when you giving away that much of money. The most commonly found frame is the one made of aluminum which is known to be the best of all. Of course, there are various qualities in aluminum available too so make sure you are finding the right one for your usage.

3. Fixings

Lastly, what matters is the face whether the board is rightly fixed on the wall or not. It is very important that the board is fixed in a proper manner in order to avoid any accidents. If you are looking for safest ways for white board fixing, it is recommended that you opt for corner fixings so that it is properly set on the wall from every angle.