Every room and every part of a house is equally important. Similar is the case with bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the most used and most important parts of any house. With every room there is a bathroom attached with it. Now, the size of the bathroom may vary from room to room and according to the requirement of a person. Sometimes a bathroom needs to be renovated like any other part of a house and these renovations are done by bathroom renovators. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between small bathroom designs Mornington Peninsula and large bathroom renovations.

Bathroom renovations:

Mostly, every room of a house consists of an attached bathroom. However, the size of a bathroom may vary from room to room, as a master bedroom constitutes of a largest bathroom while a guest room has a bathroom of a comparatively smaller size. Whatever the size might be but one thing that remains constant is that bathroom needs to be renovated after sometime. The reason of renovations might be different but renovation is definitely needed. However, the kind of renovation differs from bathroom to bathroom depending upon its size.

Small bathroom renovations:

One thing that remains common in every bathroom renovation is the reconstruction of a broken sewage system or fixing any leaked pipeline. However, smaller bathroom renovations are done in such a way that it looks spacious enough. Such renovation involves replacing the older tiles of floor and wall with the new tiles which are of lighter color as light color makes the bathroom look bigger. Moreover, minimal bathroom materials are installed so that bathroom will not look congested. Besides that open shelves or cabinets are made as closed cabinets take more space. Conclusively, we can say that while renovating a small bathroom the thing that is kept in mind is to make a bathroom look spacious enough.

Large bathroom renovations:

Besides fixing the plumbing problems and electrical issues, large bathroom renovations can be done in any way a person wants it to be because they are spacious enough and can be transformed into any structure. If a person thinks that he needs more stuff to put in his bathroom and there is no space left in the cabinets so he can renovate his bathroom and can add some more cabinets. Moreover, in large bathroom renovations, more functionality can be added by installing the latest bathroom equipments.


Bathrooms are one of the most used and important parts of any house. Mostly, every room has an attached bathroom. However, the sizes of these bathrooms may vary from each other but one thing that remains constant is that every bathroom needs to be renovated with the passage of time be it a small bathroom or large bathroom. The renovations that are required in smaller bathroom somewhat varies from the renovations needed in a larger bathroom. “Bathroom connections” offers the best services of smaller bathroom renovations as well as larger bathroom renovations all across the Melbourne.

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