Big companies and business men are worried about profits and the next thing they are worries about is the productivity. These are two things that affect their beauty sleep. Profits of any business is chiefly influenced and affected by productivity. The productivity of every employee of the company is vital to the business. It is important to make sure that manager to low level executives are motivated equally and profits are obtained. It is true that productivity is influenced by internal and external factors. It is hard to change the internal factors affecting the employee’s productivity; however, you can easily change the external factors affect them. Here are few external factors that might affect productivity.

Temperature of the building

You read that correctly. The temperature of the work place will drastically affect the individual’s productivity. If it is warm or too hot, then they will be annoyed, irritated and agitated which means customer satisfaction will also be affected. However, if it is too cold, then they would feel lazy and feel like sleeping. Therefore, it is important to maintain the temperature in the building. One of the easiest ways to make sure the heat is not overpowering is by using cheap window tinting Brisbane.

Distractions and disturbance

If employees are subjected to some annoying noise for prolonged time, then they are more likely to be stressed which means their productivity levels will be way down. You need to make sure to do the office repairs in off-hours. If you cannot control it, then you should make sure to sound proof your employee cubicles.


People feel uncomfortable when there is an office window tinting which also serves as one way mirror. This means their superiors can look into what they are doing anytime whereas they will have no control or look into seeing what the superiors are doing. This would make anyone feel uncomfortable and stressed which will again serve as a place for reducing productivity. Transparency is one of the most important things that are supposed to be present in a company.

Harassment and morale

It is important to understand that harassment of any kind – physical, mental or sexual nature will affect the office productivity. You might think that as long as the victim does not file for a case there will not be a problem, but unaddressed issues of harassment will make the employees question their morale.In addition to the above mentioned, there are other factor like the country situation, company culture and several others which will affect and influence the productivity of the employee.

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