In Australia there are so many people living a peaceful life, enjoying a good lifestyle and almost every home has at least one car and a driver. Definitely this generates a big question to maintain traffic rules and regulations as per the study, traffic ticketing for violation of traffic rules is a multimillion dollar source of revenue for local and state governments in Australia. Police forces have been designated entirely only to issue traffic rules violation tickets to the violators. In fact this has become the most lucrative business proposal for most of the private companies making CCTVs and other surveillances to provide the footages of those who are running out on Red lights.

The profitability of this whole industry relies on one single assumption that the driver will never fight his/her traffic ticket in the court of law; drivers feel this wise to pay the ticket fee and not appear to confront the traffic violation ticket in front of the judge. There is another school of thought which says that the courtroom and vague laws have made it really difficult for a common man to fight for the rights of his/her own. So in order to address this situation one can adapt a feasible way and yet can challenge the traffic ticket in the courtroom, of course nobody would want to hire a lawyer exclusively for this reason hence there must be a way to fight the case yourself. The truth is, it is not as difficult to fight a traffic ticket case as it may seem there are certain steps which a common person can adapt to win the show.

The first step is to know the law because knowing and understanding the law was impossible without a proper law degree ( but if it was said a decade ago, may seem true) but now after the rise of web resource things are pretty much in shape and learning and knowing some basic skills of law is no more than a little search on the internet, state law has provided all the statues online which a common person can easily go through, honestly court lawyers Melbourne does pretty much the same thing in the court room. Websites like FindLaw, Justia provides good legal knowledge which is immensely useful for any person, secondly one must understand and know how his/her case is related to that particular legal section or law, after reading the statute carefully one can easily figure out the exact application of the law and definitely can fight the traffic ticket back in the courtroom, without the help of a lawyer.

The biggest flaw which has been identified while a person himself/herself fighting the case, is failing to argue how the particular facts in their case prove their innocence under the law, so the driver who is unable to tailor the argument according to the relevant law is unlikely to prevail at trial. One must practice to apply the facts to law which is a hard deal to crack. So the myth that the traffic ticket is unbeatable in the court room is just a myth, this is one case which any person with knowledge and common sense can defend in the courtroom without the help of a lawyer.